CHI Air Expert Review

With tourmaline-infused ceramic plates, this flat iron is designed for produce soft, silky, perfectly straight hair in less time, with less damage to the hair follicles.

In the past, there has been much discussion over whether or not it is safe to even use flat irons on hair, as models with metal plates are known to sear hair and produce crispy, straw-like locks, rather than soft, luxurious styles.

As a premier flat iron, the CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, is designed not only to straighten hair, but also to flip, wave, and curl it, allows users to create a myriad of different styles using this one styling implement.

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CHI Air Expert

The Classic Tourmaline Flat Iron comes with 1-inch ceramic straightening plates, housed in a rounded casing, with super smooth plates and a range of heat settings. Instead of low, medium, and high temperature controls, this flat iron has a dial, allowing for gradual heat increases.

The slim design allows users to get close the scalp for styling along the entire length of the hair. It also features ionic technology, using heat and ions to seal moisture inside the shaft of the hair. This flat iron has a two standard two year warranty on both parts and labor.

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The good

The temperature dial is a major draw, as it allows women with many different types of hair to benefit from this flat iron, instead of those who need just a very low or very high heat setting.

The plates are also perfectly smooth and have an even distribution of heat, so that hair neither snags during the straightening process nor is unevenly styled.

The Classic Tourmaline’s design allows it to have the perfect shape for many different styles, including curls. Because of the 1-inch plates, the flat iron is small enough to straighten even bangs and create even tight, ringlet curls in short hair. It definitely delivers when it comes to creating smooth, shiny, perfectly styled hair.

The bad

If you have very coarse or very curly hair, this unit may not produce enough heat to create the desired look. Others have complained that while it does help them achieve the desires style, they do not believe it is worth the high asking price.

Our verdict

While there are isolated reports of issues with the temperature settings, in general, the flat iron gets perfectly hot even years after the initial purchase and that no matter how frequently they use it, the plates remain smooth and snag-free, even for very thick hair.

In general, most women find that the CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is well worth the price, as it protects the hair from damage, rather than exacerbating it, while allowing them to cut down on styling time and use just one tool, instead of many to achieve the desired look. Whether you have thin or thick hair, this flat iron is an excellent pick.

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