What is the best flat iron hair straightener?

Finding a good flat iron for your hair is no easy task. It can be difficult to know what exactly you need and which brands are the most popular and reliable. To help you pick the right one, we´ve reviewed the best hair straighteners irons on the market.

Skip to: Ceramic Flat IronsTitanium Flat IronsTourmaline Flat IronsProfessional Flat Irons Before diving into the details of straightening irons, you´ll need to determine your hair type. A person with fine curly hair needs a different straightener then someone with thick coarse hair.

When you know your hair type, finding the best straightener for your hair is much easier. Choose from different plate types (ceramic, titanium or tourmaline), different widths and temperature limits. We´ve explained everything in detail below, but if you´re in ahurry and just want to know the top rated flat irons of this moments, here´s a list:

Top Rated Flat Irons

Model Material Rating Price
Bio Ionic OnePass Ceramic $$
Remington S9500 Pearl Pro Ceramic $
Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ceramic $$
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Titanium $$
TS-2 Millennium Titanium $$
HSI Professional Tourmaline Ceramic $
Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic $
FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic $$
ghd Professional Ceramic $$$


How to choose the right straightening iron for your hair

If you are in the market for a flat iron, there are many different factors you want to consider. First of all, what exactly is a flat iron? With all of the specialized hair styling implements on the market today, it is important to realize that a flat iron is different from a curling iron, and works very differently from the motorized styling brushes. Though it is called a “flat” iron, and is normally associated with making the hair flatter, not curlier, also realize that different kinds of flat irons can make different sorts of effects on your hair. Of course, their primary function is to straighten hair, but they can also wave it and curl it, depending on how you use it.

Hair Type

With all of the different choices on the market, it can be almost impossible to know which one will work for your hair. In general, most women’s hair falls into one of four categories. Find yours to discover which kind of flat iron you should purchase.

Fine, mostly straight hair.

If you have fine hair that gets frizzy from time to time, you will not need a straightener with very high heat output. Look instead for a ceramic model with super-smooth plates that can help you fight frizz without damaging your fine hair.

Fine, curly hair.

If your hair is fine, but very curly, you will want to find a flat iron that has a wide range of temperatures to choose from, so you can pick the one that works for your particular mixture of texture and density. Look for a model with tourmaline or titanium plates, which will not catch on your kinky locks.

Thick, mostly straight hair.

Even if you have only a little wave or curl that needs to be tamed, thick hair demands more heat than fine hair. Look for a model with many different temperature settings and a larger plate that allows you to spread your thick hair out, so that ever strand gets equal attention from the heat.

Thick, curly or coarse hair.

If your hair falls into this category, you will want to look for a model that offers you both high heat and hair protection. Though you might have unruly hair, you will still want an ionized model that will protect your hair from becoming fried. Look for one with at least a 300 to 400 degree temperature setting, and that promises to lock in moisture, rather than steam it away.


When it comes to flat iron shapes, there are basically two. The first it long, with a thin straightening plate. These models can be used to straighten hair (and are especially good for straightening short hair), as well as curling hair, either by running the hair through the clamped plates at an angle, or clamping the hair at the end and curling it around the entire unit, not unlike a curling iron. The second standard shape of flat iron is typically just as long, but with a wide straightening plate. These flat irons are perfect for longer hair, which can be difficult to straighten thoroughly with one of the thinner models. They provide better gripping and allow more hair to be flat ironed at a time, which can really cut down on the time it takes to style your hair if you have very thick or very long hair.


Aside from shapes of actual flat irons, there are a number of different plate materials that the straightening plates may be made out of. In order to make the best decision for you needs, be sure to think about the density of your hair and what styling needs you have.

Basic Flat Irons

– These are the most common flat irons, made with metal plates and few heat settings, usually confined to just low, medium, and high. While some people, especially those who only occasionally flat iron their hair, or only flat iron a small portion of their hair may find a model like this helpful, in general, most people opt for the next level of iron.


– Ceramic models come in a variety of function, with many different heat settings. You may be able to find a ceramic model for fairly cheap, depending on its other functionalities. In general, however, the more functions it has, the more expensive it is going to be. There are also different qualities of ceramic. The reason these are more popular than the basic models is because they are far less likely to burn the shaft of the hair as they straighten it.


– Tourmaline is by far the most durable materials, and is well-loved in the beauty industry because it heats up quickly, holds its heat well, and leaves hair looking healthy and shiny, rather than crispy and fried like some other materials.


– Ionic is by far the most advanced material used in straightening plates, and is therefore also the most expensive. While it does the best job for the widest variety of hair types, some women may be able to achieve the same results with a different model. If you have dry hair, however, it is best to opt for an ionic model, which actually traps moisture into the hair, rather than sapping it away like other materials do.

In general, the thicker and curlier your hair is, the higher heat you will need in order to straighten it. That means that the thicker and curlier your hair is, the more advanced flat iron you should buy. Better quality materials not only allow the flat iron to last longer, they also do less damage to hair that needs hotter and more vigorous straightening in order to get the job done.

Ceramic Flat Irons

Ceramic is by far the most popular material for flat irons, as it is both inexpensive to purchase and actually works better to smooth and straighten hair at a lower temperature. The ceramic plates are great for eliminating frizz, for smoothing the hair, and even for locking in moisture. Most ceramic plates even contain ionic technology, which is great for hair, making it healthier, despite the high temperatures that are used to smooth and style the hair. If you are looking for a great all-purpose flat iron, especially if your hair is not exceptionally thick or curly, ceramic is the way to go. But out of all of the ceramic flat irons available, which will best fit your needs? For a durable, long-lasting, effective iron, these three are our favorites.

Bio Ionic One Pass

bio ionic one pass This flatiron comes with revolutionary five second heat-up, so you no longer have to wait to start styling your hair. One of the things we love most about this flat iron is that there are many different heat settings to choose from, making it easy to pick the one that’s best for your hair. The plates are also cushioned, which makes it very difficult to pin your hair between the plates. This iron is designed to get the straightening done in only one pass, and to actually help distribute and seal in moisture on the hair shaft. Read review

Remington S9500

Remington S9500 What’s especially great about this ceramic straightener is the wide plates and frizz reducing technology. Remington has even infused the straightening plates with pearls, to help nourish and straighten the hair. The ceramic distributes the heat evenly along every section of hair, improving the whole straightening process. This flat iron also features super smooth plates, which will leave your hair looking shiny and feeling soft. Read review

Paul Mitchell Protools

Paul Mitchell ProTools Express While all ceramic flat irons are marketed as being “faster” than other hair styling implements, only a few truly heat up faster than others and actually get the styling done faster than others. This model from Paul Mitchell really does what it claims to do—it shortens the entire styling process, by heating up quickly and styling quickly. It is even one of those flat irons that you can use to make many different styles, as the iron is designed specifically to do more than just straighten your hair. Read review

When looking for the perfect ceramic flat iron, consider which will be best for your specific hair type. Remember, the thicker your hair is, the hotter the flat iron needs to be to get your hair straight and shiny. Choosing a ceramic flat iron with ionic technology will allow you to use the high heat you need to achieve those results, without causing damage to your hair. There is plenty of literature in the beauty community about how dangerous flat irons are for hair, and they are—if you choose a baseline model. These more advanced models are designed not to burn and fry the hair.

Titanium Flat Irons

When it comes to metals used to make straightener plates, there is only one you should ever consider buying. Flat irons with titanium plates are widely consider the only metal flat irons worth buying. No other metal can achieve the same level of flatness that titanium can, which means that all other kinds of metals can snag and pull at hair. With titanium plates, you can achieve the same silky, shiny hair that ceramic plates. These flat irons are at the highest end of the spectrum, with many different heat settings and features that make them perfect for every kind of hair.

BaByliss PRO Nano

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium The original and most popular of BaByliss’s flat iron offerings, the Nano Titanium is by far one of the best titanium flat irons on the market. Designed to be used both by beginners and in professional salons, this flat iron requires no special training and makes it easy to choose the right settings for your hair type and styling needs. When professional hairstylists are asked what kind of flat irons their clients should buy, they almost always recommend this flat iron. It is not only affordable, but also a quality tool that protects hair, rather than burning it out. Read review

Izunami KTX 450

Izunami KTX 450 Not only does this flat iron sport modern design and titanium straightening plates, it also has a temperature dial (rather than just three temperature settings), and floating plates. When using a flat iron, nothing is more frustrating than feeling the flat iron tugging at your hair as you slide it between the plates. With floating plates, this is no longer an issue. No matter how hard you clamp down on your hair, the plates will apply only the perfect amount of pressure to press out frizz and seal in moisture.

TS-2 Millennium

TS2 Millennium While the first draw of this flat iron may be the unique shape and design, users will find that the rapid heat up settings, and the super-smooth titanium plates are really what make this flat iron special. The special design of this flat iron will help you get in close to your scalp and ears, where normal flat irons may be too obtrusive. Other features of this flat iron include instant heat recovery and heat settings specifically for thick, curly, or coarse hair.

When it comes to picking a titanium flat iron, keep in mind that they are going to naturally be more expensive than ceramic flat irons. This is because they are a higher end flat iron, designed to be used in salons and by those who need more heat and want less frizz. Titanium flat irons tend to have wider plates, as they are designed to help speed up the styling process, and to help distribute thicker hair over a larger area for better straightening. If you are looking for a flat iron that can do more than just straighten hair, be sure to look at shape, along with plate material. For curling your hair using a flat iron, you will want a long, thin, rounded model, or one with a rounded edge you can use to build curl and body.

Tourmaline Flat Irons

While some people lump tourmaline in with the ceramic straighteners, in reality, these flat irons deserve a class of their own. Tourmaline crystals greatly increase the amount of heat that can be applied to the hair, while helping to create a smoother surface, to reduce tugging and pulling. Tourmaline is naturally ionized, so as the flat iron is passed over the hair, the material actually seals the hair closed, sealing in needed moisture to eliminate dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. What’s especially great about tourmaline is that most women only have to pass the straightener once over each section of hair, as the ability to use higher heat ensures that the hair is perfectly straight, smooth, and shiny the first time.

HSI Professional

HSI Professional This flat iron really bring the bang for your buck, with two different sizes to choose from and a rounded casing to make styling easy and fast. The perfectly sized plates and the curved design make it easy to add volume to the hair at the scalp, while slicking away frizz and fly-aways from the rest of the hair. No matter how thick or frizzy your hair is, the tourmaline-infused plates will style it to perfection, even tackling bangs and layers with ease. Read review

Conair Infiniti Pro

Infinity Pro by Conair This flat iron is designed to damage the hair less and with over thirty heat settings, it is easy to find the one that works for your specific hair type. As an added bonus, and to make life easier for busy women, the Infiniti Pro heats up in less than fifteen seconds, and because it has smoother plates than just about every other flat iron in the market, it shortens the entire styling process. It also has one of the highest temperature settings available in commercial flat irons, making it perfect for the person who has had trouble finding a styling implement for her thick, coarse hair. Read review

FHI Heat Platform

FHI Heat Platform Another flat iron with extra-high heat settings for the most difficult-to-style hair, the Heat Platform is the perfect shape for both short and long hair. The plates float, so you can easily curl, wave, and straighten your hair without worrying about pulling or frying your follicles. Because tourmaline heats up faster and more thoroughly than other materials, it is easy to style your hair without having to pass the flat iron multiple times over the same section of hair. Read review

Tourmaline is one of the newest materials being used in flat irons, currently being utilized because it increases the smoothness and improves the ionic properties of the flat iron. The more ionic a flat iron’s plates are, the better they are for the hair itself. In the past, there has been much discussion over whether or not flat irons should even be used on hair, because they seemed to critically damage the hair. Now, testing has revealed that the right kinds of flat irons can actually improve hair’s health, if they are used properly and in the right applications. By improve the design and heat settings, tourmaline flat irons can style hair in a single pass, locking the hair’s natural moisture, instead of frying it out of the hair.

Professional Flat Irons

Professional hair stylists are very picky about what kinds of flat irons they will use. Because they care about the health of their clients’ hair, they will only use styling tools that are guaranteed not to contribute to the damage that every day styling does to hair. Some hair stylists will tell you to avoid straightening your hair at all, to avoid any heat styling methods, as any of these can negatively affect the health of your hair. However, professionals know that all it takes is the right materials and products and it can be perfectly safe to style your hair with a little heat, even if you want to do it every day. When you are next at the hairdresser, you will probably see one of the following three models propped up alongside the stylist’s other tools, because they are the best of the best, they are the highest end styling tools, that can be used not only to straighten hair, but to create any style you desire. Be sure to pick the size, design, and style that best fits the needs of your hair and what you intend to use the flat iron for.

Karmin G3 Salon Pro

Karmin G3 Salon Pro This flat iron touts itself as the only styling tool you will ever need. The rounded shape of the casing makes it possible to use this iron not only to straighten your hair, but also to curl it, wave it, or simply at volume to flat hair. Karmin even offers a number of different colors to choose from. This flat iron has had especially good reviews when it comes to protecting dry and damaged hair, and has shown good results for women who cannot use other flat irons because they actually exacerbate hair damage.

ghd Professional

GHD Professional This flat iron has the most advanced in static-free technology. With some other flat irons, you can never achieve that perfectly frizz-free look, simply because the straightening plates will actually charge your hair and let it jump away from the rest of your look. In order to combat this, this flat iron has special plates and advanced heat technology to keep hair in place once it’s been styled. ghd Professional

Sedu Revolution

Sedu Revolution This is the tourmaline flat iron that most professional stylists would recommend. The ceramic, infused with tourmaline, is extra smooth, and the unit has specialized heat technology that makes it easy to pick the right heating setting for your hair, whether it be fine and frizzy or thick and coarse. It is also designed in order to be able to be used for more than just straightening. While this is one of the more expensive models on the market, it is one of the best, foolproof flat irons.

Do not shy away from the seemingly high prices of these flat irons. When you are willing to pay a little more, you will be getting a much better flat iron, with many more features. While you may see a lower-end piece with the same features, only with these professional flat irons can you be sure you are getting what is actually advertised. Do not be afraid to pay a little more for a straightener that will last you for years and will make your hair healthier, even as it styles it.

Buying Guide

When it comes to picking the right flat iron for your hair, you may be lost and confused, unsure of how to pick the right one. If you are standing in a beauty store, it may be tempting to just pick on off the shelf, but doing so could leave you with a flat iron that does not work for your needs. As you begin looking for the right flat iron, it can be difficult to know what exactly you need and which brands are the most popular and most reliable.

Because flat irons are so popular, there are many companies pumping out lower-end models that have almost none of the most important features. Before you simply pick up the cheapest model, look over the following information, to help you find the right flat iron for your hair and your budget.


Best brands

1. Remington – Remington is known for making great straighteners for those on a budget. In general, these flat irons have rapid heat up options, with a number of different temperature settings. The more expensive models will have the ceramic, tourmaline, and even titanium plates, so you can pick the one that’s best for your hair.

2. Conair – Though Conair is not technically a premier styling tools company, they do have some of the best flat irons in the business. With multiple colors, sizes, and designs to choose from, Conair makes it easy to find one that works for both fine hair and thick, coarse hair. There is the same strata of aluminum, ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium models.

3. BaByliss – Definitely the leader in both for-market and high-end flat irons, BaBybliss specializes in flat irons that do not damage hair. Whether you are looking for a baseline model to get you started, or something with plenty of features and frills, this company is a great place to start. They also tout most of their flat irons as being multi-purpose, so you can ditch the curling iron.

4. Sedu – Through not exactly a household name, Sedu is quickly gaining popularity in the beauty world. With plenty of different models, Sedu offers only ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium models. If you are buying from Sedu, you know you are getting a great flat iron, because they simply do not make cheap units.

5. Solia – Solia is another name that is popping up more and more in the world of beauty and fashion. Their flat irons are made for efficiency, with quick heat times, no heat loss and the ability to wipe out frizz, even if you start flat ironing your hair while it is still wet. As you make your choice, keep in mind what you actually want to do with your flat iron. Some models will be better for simply straightening, while others may be able to multi-task. If you want silky straight locks, just about any model in our buying guying will serve you well. If you want to be able to curl, flip, or wave your hair, look for a model that specifically states it is designed to perform those tasks. Happy shopping and good luck!