Beauty Experts Reveal 45 Tips to Make Your Hair Healthier

Well I did it again!! I reached out to the top beauty bloggers to ask them about another hot topic. What can you do to keep your Hair Healthier?  The feedback was great as I expected it would be, take a look and see.



Bailey Vincent

1) Embrace Your Real Hair: I spent most of my teenage years bleaching my hair into submission, and attempting to straighten it daily. Since I initially have big, thick, wavy, dark strands, I (naturally) wanted the exact opposite of natural. However, one of the best things about growing up is realizing it takes less time to embrace, than it does to fight.

2) Play Up Your Flaws: Lately, I have been using shampoos that are intended to volumize or create curl, even though that’s the last thing on earth my hair needs more of. Most people would think buying products that exemplify your hair’s largest trait (in my case, “large” hair in general) is a bad idea… but I’ve found that by intentionally catering to my “flaws”, my ‘do looks astronomically better.

3) Get Texture: If you’re a “lazy lady” like me, you likely hate spending hours on your hair. I try to
re-style my strands in mere minutes every morning by combing out all the tangles, spraying the roots with dry shampoo, and spraying the ends with some kind of a texture product (I’m loving the Matte Texture spray from Garnier right now). I smush my hair on top of my head in a high bun while I brush my teeth or wash my face, take it down minutes later, and simply massage the dry shampoo into my roots as I walk out the door. If I have an extra few seconds, I’ll smooth my frizzy ends with a curl calming milk or cream.

Kelly Gay

Top 3 Tips for Keeping Hair Healthy
1) Drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated will not only help keep your scalp healthy, but your hair healthy from root to tip. It also really benefits your skin. Often it’s what you put in your body that’ll show on the outside so lots of water, and vitamin packed fruit and veg will help.

2) Treat it. Give your hair a regular pamper and pick a treatment or mask that works for your hair – whether it’s intensive conditioning, or nourishing.

3) Use a heat protect spray before styling. This will avoid the hair becoming damaged and breaking.


1) Use an overnight hair mask weekly – I like to apply mine early in the evening so that it has time to dry before I go to bed. Shampoo out the next morning for silky soft hair. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is my favorite.

2) Avoid over use of heated styling tools and let hair dry naturally – or part dry with hair dryer, then leave to air dry before styling. And always use a heat protectant – my fave is by GHD.

3) I love hair oils to nourish ends, especially in winter. If you find they weigh your hair down, use a spray on version and only apply mid lengths to ends to avoid greasy roots. I love Alterna Kendi Dry Oil Micromist as it’s super fine and smells gorgeous.

Annie Atkinson

My top three tips for healthy hair is the winning combination of vitamins, amazing products and proper care. For the strongest hair imaginable, I rely on a cocktail of vitamins that include Philip Kingsley’s protein vitamins, Biotin and Vivascal.

Bumble and bumble products are some of my favorite and I use the Hairdresser’s Oil always after washing my hair. It softens, silkens, tames, detangles and protects. It’s made with a blend of oils including coconut oil, which I love.

Lastly, about once a week or more, I give myself an at-home hair mask using coconut oil, leaving it on for about 15 minutes before I shower.

Jen-matthewsJen Mathews

I use a conditioning shampoo without sodium laurel sulfate (DermOrganic and Paul Mitchell are two of my faves) and I try not to wash my hair every day. When I do wash, I try to keep the water from being too hot. All of this keeps my hair healthy and my color long-lasting!

Monae Everett

1) Moisturize your hair. Remember, what is dry cracks and breaks, what is moisturized will bend and stay flexible.
2) Avoid using the highest temperature on your hot tools. Hair burns at temperatures above 450 degrees. Try flat ironing, or curling, your hair at temperatures between 360 and 420 degrees.
3) Protect the ends of your hair when you sleep at night. Tuck your ends into a bun or wrap your hair in a scarf when you slumber.
4) Protect your hair by sleeping with a silk of satin pillow case. Cotton and wool are notorious for drying out, then snapping fragile stands of hair. Silk and satin keep moisture in and avoid breakage.

Annelise Rowe

1- Give your hair a break! Go a few days between washes and enjoy your hair’s natural beauty.

2- Tone down the products. Let your hair love the way it was made!

3- No heat for this hair. The less heat, the healthier! Looking for a good heat alternative? Try braids & twists for a fun updo that gives great waves when you take it down!


Keep your hair moisturized. One can do this by consistent deep conditioning and moisturizing and sealing often.
Trim your ends consistently. Split and damaged ends can creep up quickly so it’s important to clip them.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since hair growth is internal, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to have optimal hair growth.

Mateja-Kobe-smithMateja Kobe

1) Be very gentle with your hair. That means brushing the hair with
either a wide tooth comb first or using one of those special detangling
brushes and never force the comb through the tangle, rather gently break it
apart. Also when shampooing the hair wash the top part of the hair and
scalp first and just leave the foam run through the bottom part, so just
try not to make a tangled mess during washing.

2) If you style your hair with heat tools use heat protection. It
really makes a difference when it comes to retaining the general health of
the hair and preventing it from drying out or becoming brittle.

3) Use good hair products. I notice a huge difference between high-end
and drugstore hair products in terms of quality, especially when it comes
to how long my hair stays moisturized. However, there are of course very
good drugstore products as well, you just have to find the right ones.


1) Brush gently, especially when your hair is wet. Don’t just tear a brush through it, but work your way up from the ends to the roots strand by strand without tugging at knots.

2) Treat your hair to a weekly moisturizing or repairing mask. Conditioning after every wash is great but a weekly hair mask can really do wonders.

3) Keep it natural. Look for hair care products that contain natural or mostly natural ingredients. The last thing your hair needs are aggressive chemicals.

Jeannine Morris

1) Keep up with your trims.

2) Start blowdrying when your hair is 80% dry to avoid excess heat damage.

3) Use deep conditioners weekly.

Sarah Howard

1) Sulfates suck! Seriously, they’re bad for the body and the hair (they strip all color from your strands!), so I only use sulfate-free shampoos. My favorite is Pierre Michel Rephair, which I helped formulate.

2) Don’t over-wash. I have an oily scalp, so it’s hard to let the oils sit and chill on my head, but it’s better for my hair’s overall health. I wash every third day and use dry shampoo on the second day. My favorite is Klorane. – it actually gives my hair volume while absorbing excess oil.

3) Use hot tools sparingly. I am a firm believer that blowdrying and flat ironing hair on the daily will make it weak and, ultimately thin it out. I reserve my hot tools for special occasions and let my hair dry naturally otherwise. Luckily, beachy, natural hair is rather on trend, but if you absolutely loathe your natural locks, try washing your hair before bed and sleeping with it in a braid or a bun. By the time morning comes, your hair will be beautifully wavy and DRY.


When it comes to maintaining healthy hair here are my three tips:
1) Keep your scalp clean. Hair grows from the scalp, so having a healthy scalp is the first step to healthy hair

2) Deep condition. Deep conditioning helps to infuse moisture, increase your hair’s elasticity and keeps your strands looking great.

3) Trim away old/dead ends. The ends are the oldest part of your hair. Snipping away split ends helps your hair to thrive and remain healthy.

Michelle Breyer

1) It all starts on the inside! There are many foods that stimulate hair growth by providing your body with vitamins, minerals and many nutrients? Improving your diet will boost the health of your hair, encourage growth and the rest of your body will benefit as well. a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of growth-promoting protein and iron can make a difference. Eat more beans — they are a great source of biotin, which is known to combat hair loss and promote the growth of healthy hair. Incorporate leafy, green vegetables into your diet. They are excellent sources of vitamins A and C, which work together to produce sebum. By keeping hair conditioned, sebum prevents hair from breaking off so that it can grow longer. Nuts are a natural source of zinc, a mineral that promotes scalp health, which in turn can help hair grow longer faster.

2) Remove buildup: Product build-up is from products that have heavy oils (excluding essential oils) and non-water-soluble silicones in them. These ingredients coat the hair preventing it from absorbing the moisture your curls need. The hair will become dry and very brittle because of the build-up of these ingredients, causing the frizz everyone is trying to avoid. A clarifying shampoo used once every other week can help your products work better. For an affordable natural solution, try an apple cider vinegar rinse. It can be found at most supermarkets for around $3!
MIX 3 parts distilled water with 1 part apple cider vinegar.
IN PLACE OF SHAMPOO, apply the rinse to dry hair using an applicator bottle or spray bottle for mess-free application.
SATURATE your roots and massage. Then smooth, and scrunch the mixture into the length of your hair.
Rinse with cold water.

3) Condition, condition, condition. Hair, especially curly hair, needs moisture. Packing on a good conditioner loaded with butters and oils can help keep the hair hydrated and repair damage . In some cases, hair may need a good dose of protein can do wonders. We recommend deep conditioning for at least 15 minutes with heat. Slather your favorite deep conditioner. To help the hair absorb all that, try using a steamer or a heat cap.

4) Give your scalp some TLC: A healthy scalp grows healthy hair, so treat yourself to a stimulating scalp massage.
MIX A FEW DROPS of potent oils like peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus and horsetail with a tablespoon of carrier oils like grapeseed or jojoba oil.
APPLY TO FINGERTIPS and gently massage your scalp with the balls of your fingers – don’t scratch!
The oils and massage will get blood flowing to your follicles and promote growth.

5) Get regular trims. Even if you’re trying to grow out your hair, curly girls should make regular trips to the salon to have their hair trimmed. Most stylists will suggest that you come in for a trim every six to eight weeks to remove dry, damaged ends.


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