Review of the CHI Flat Iron Range


A good flat iron is a girl’s best friend. With a little creativity it can be used to curl your hair as well as straighten it and even mold it into a number of different styles.

Unfortunately a low quality flat iron can completely destroy your hair, causing extensive dryness and brittleness. Many flat irons sell for as little as $20-30 but buying one of these is a big risk. Yet who can really afford one of the $150+ professional models?

Luckily the CHI flat iron range sits in the exact middle on price–$85-110—and the range contains something for every hair type.

Find the perfect CHI flat iron below:

  1. CHI Titanium 1-inch Flat Iron

This flat iron offers a wide range of temperatures (160F-410F) and can be easily adjusted using a small digital control panel. A screen on the outside of the flat iron displays the current temperature of the iron.

If you have thick hair and you straighten it every single day you will love how quickly this iron heats up. The titanium plates are also incredibly durable, making this a great long term investment.

  1. CHI Original Pro 1-Inch Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Fans of ceramic hair straighteners will love the Original Pro. The specially designed heat plates use a coating of tourmaline(a type of crystal crushed into a layer of fine powder) to heat up more quickly and create a smoother surface. This prevents your hair from snagging on the flat iron, making this an ideal model for anyone with fine hair.

If you have wavy, fine hair this is the flat iron for you. It also comes with a 2 year warranty, making it an excellent deal.

  1. CHI Pro G2 Hairstyling Iron

This unique flat iron combines ceramic and titanium technology inside the hot plates to create an iron that heats up more quickly and evenly. The specially mixed combination also helps your hair stay smooth and shiny.

Another cool feature of the CHI Pro G2 is the new color coded temperature system which goes all the way up to 425, making this a great choice for anyone with really thick or coarse hair.

  1. CHI Air One Ceramic Flat Iro

Another flat iron that uses both ceramic and tourmaline technology to create the highest quality heat plates, the CHI Air One has an easily adjustable temperature ranging between 160F and 410F. It also uses infrared technology and ionic technology to reduce frizz and static. And this flat iron goes the extra mile to maximize convenience with a 9 foot swivel cord.

Unfortunately it seems like the quality of this iron has gone down in recent months as CHI has shifted its focus to other models, so you are probably better off buying one of the others on this list.

CHI flat irons aren’t quite professional quality but for the most part they are pretty darn close—and a good deal cheaper. Pick the right CHI flat iron for your hair type and you’ll have a hair straightener you will love using for years to come.