Best Fahrenheit Flat Irons Reviewed


You know a flat iron is an essential tool in your beauty kit but there are so many different brands to choose from that it can be overwhelming.

Fahrenheit is a popular flat iron brand known for providing excellent mid-range irons.

These flat irons can always be counted on to get the job done but may not be as durable or quick as some of the more professional brands.

Thinking about going with Fahrenheit? Check out one of these Fahrenheit flat iron reviews:

  1. Fahrenheit Professional Slim Line – Blue Metallic

This slim and stylish hair straightener uses 100% solid titanium plates to give your hair an unparalleled shine. It comes with several heat settings between 160F and 450F, making it an excellent choice for several different hair types. The skinny body also makes it easy to curl your hair with this iron.

  1. Fahrenheit Heat Wave Flat Iron

With 100% 1.25″ titanium hot plates this flat iron heats up quickly and evenly to coat your hair quickly. It offers a number of different temperature settings although it doesn’t have quite as many as the Professional models. You’ll also love the textured anti-slip grip and 9 foot swivel cord. In fact, Fahrenheit is so convinced you will love this flat iron that they offer a limited lifetime warranty(be sure to read the fine print).

  1. Fahrenheit Hair Care System Blue Macaw

Featuring ceramic hot plates with a thin tourmaline(a type of crystal ground into a fine powder) layer, this flat iron allows you to choose from a variety of temperatures between 140 degrees and 450 degrees. This is excellent for anyone who likes to use their flat iron to curl or do different styling techniques.

  1. Fahrenheit Argan Infusion Flat Iron

It might seem like there’s only so much room for variation in something like a flat iron but innovative companies are consistently proving that theory wrong. The latest trend to expand the definition of what a flat iron can be is oil infusion irons. These come with specially formulated oil conditioners that are evaporated and pushed into your hair as the plates heat up.

Fahrenheit is one of the most well respected brands to create their own oil infusion flat iron. It also comes with 6 heat settings for different hair types. You do have to commit to buying the conditioner whenever it runs out but you only need to use a minute amount to deeply condition your hair so it looks amazing no matter how much you straighten it.

Fahrenheit is an excellent company, always at the forefront of innovation in hair care, and any one of these flat irons is a great investment. They also frequently do collaborations to create awesome limited edition runs of beautiful flat irons so make sure  you take a look at their current stock next time you need a flat iron.