What is the Best Flat Iron for Thick & Healthy Hair

A good flat iron is one of the most important tools a woman can have in her beauty kit.

The right flat iron will not only make your hair smooth and straight, it can be used to accentuate or alter the shape of existing curls. It can even be used to help pull your hair into all kinds of cool styles.

Unfortunately the wrong flat iron can ruin your hair, drying it out and causing split ends or brittle hair. Every hair type reacts differently to heat. Thick, coarse hair needs an extremely hot temperature that will fry lighter, finer hair. Conversely, finer hair requires a lower temperature and lighter touch to make sure you don’t accidentally break off the ends.

Not sure what kind of flat iron you need? Check out these popular options:

  1. Ceramic

Many women will tell you that nothing but ceramic will do. Ceramic hot plates take longer to heat up than titanium or tourmaline ones but tend to retain heat longer. These flat irons typically use ionic technology to flatten frizz without totally flattening hair. The ionic technology also provides some extra shine.

While some women with extremely coarse hair swear by their ceramic flat irons these are usually more useful to women who have straight or wavy hair rather than intense curls. They’re also particularly good for women with fine hair.

  1. Tourmaline

Tourmaline hot plates use a coating of prismatic crystals which have been crushed into an extremely fine powder and spread evenly across the hot plates. This coating is much smoother than the regular ceramic coating and is therefore less likely to snag on your hair. Because of this a tourmaline flat iron is ideal for anyone with tight curls, especially if they also have fine hair.

Unfortunately using tourmaline can get expensive fast so many flat irons use only a thin top layer of tourmaline and are actually mostly ceramic.

  1. Titanium

Women with thick, long hair adore titanium flat irons because the titanium hot plates heat up more quickly and are able to hold even higher levels of heat than ceramics. Titanium is also an incredibly durable metal, making one of these flat irons a long term hair care investment.

It’s important to note that many cheap flat irons are only sold at such low prices because they actually only use thin titanium covers and have a cheaper metal underneath. Hot plates made entirely out of cheaper metal are also not uncommon in cheap flat irons. Be willing to spend at least $50 to make sure you get a flat iron with actual titanium plates.

Top Rated Flat Irons For Thick Hair

  1. Agave Healing Vapor Iron

This flat iron uses a special oil conditioner to heal your hair while you straighten. It comes with a removable vapor pod and all you have to do to activate the conditioner is hold down the vapor button while you straighten. This takes some getting used to but it does a wonder on your hair, helping it stay healthy and look vibrant throughout the day.

Thanks to the special formula used in the conditioner and high quality ceramic nanoionic plates this flat iron is excellent for all but the coarsest and curliest hair types. You will have to commit to buying replacement conditioner semi-regularly but it is well worth it for the reduced risk of heat damage.

  1. SalonTech Silicone 450 Flat Iron

Ceramic plates embedded with silicone provide a smooth pass every time. The SalonTech Silicone 450 offers a few different temperature settings making it excellent for multiple hair types. The high setting should be reserved only for people with extremely coarse or curly hair.

You’ll also love how quickly the plates heat up when compared to other ceramic flat irons. If you’re looking to save some time in your daily routine this is a great flat iron for you.

  1. GHD Eclipse Styler

Ideal for moderately coarse or curly hair, the GHD Eclipse Styler is the only flat iron a pro would ever recommend that uses aluminum plates. These hot plates are specially beveled and combined with an array of sensors to provide a smooth, even application of heat to all of your hair with every pass.

The GHD Eclipse Styler does only have one temperature setting of 365 degrees which is often not enough for extremely coarse or curly hair. You may also want a range of temperature settings if you plan to use the flat iron to style your hair in different ways.

  1. Remington Style Therapy Frizz Therapy Flat Iron

This high quality ceramic flat iron actually presses heat protective ingredients into your hair along with the heat itself, helping your hair stay healthy and beautiful even with rigorous daily use. It has impressed many experts and is up to 65% more effective at reducing frizz and straightening curls than other ceramic flat irons. No matter how curly your hair is you can flatten it out with this unique flat iron.

  1. BaByliss Nano Titanium

Considered by most professionals to be the highest quality titanium flat iron out there, the BaByliss Nano Titanium offers a range of temperature options going all the way up to 450 degrees. This makes it ideal for anyone who likes to style their hair in various ways as well as a variety of hair types. The BaByliss also heats up much more quickly and evenly than many of its competitors.

The BaByliss Nano Titanium also comes in multiple sizes. The 1 ¼ inch model is great for people with a lot of hair who want to save some time on their beauty routine.

Still not sure what flat iron is right for you? Check some of these out on beauty review sites and find out what people with your specific hair type have to say about each one.