Ceramic or Titanium Flat Iron

We get asked this question a lot should I buy a Ceramic or Titanium Flat Iron. We have reached out to a lot of industry professionals and asked their take on the same issue. We also have done some countless hours of hands on research to determine the differences between the two different irons so you can feel good about your decision-making while shopping flat irons.

Ceramic Flat Irons Overview-

Ceramic Flat Irons are made out of organic material that is smooth and shiny to our eyes. There is two types of ceramic flat irons ceramic coated and 100% ceramic. The ceramic coated flat irons typically have metal plates underneath a coating of ceramic material. These irons will get hotter faster from the plates but are not as high quality and still have all the drawbacks of metal plates.

From here on out we will only be talking about 100% ceramic flat irons. These take a while to heat up but once thoroughly heated have a perfectly evened out heating area. Most 100% fully ceramic flat irons will not have hot spots or cold spots and therefore are less likely to damage hair when using.

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Titanium Flat Irons Overview-

Titanium flat irons have metal plates made of you guessed it titanium. Titanium heats up very quickly and can get to extremely high temperatures. The fast start heating time and hotter settings allow the thickest of hair or curliest of hair to straighten up when these flat irons are used.

The titanium plates (especially on less quality flat irons) can develop cold and hot spots. The uneven heat makes styling more difficult and can lead to damaged hair if you have to go over your hair multiple times get the cold spots worked out. Finer and straighter hair will also need extra care with titanium plates as titanium irons are more likely to damage thin or fine hair types.

What is Tourmaline?​

Tourmaline is a type of crystal that is ground up and coats both titanium or ceramic flat irons. When tourmaline is heated up to high temperatures like in a flat iron, it creates high amounts of negative ions. These negative ions are essential in combating damaged and dry hair and help from damaging hair.

Long story short when a flat iron has a tourmaline coat its better at not damaging hair. Tourmaline can be put on ceramic or titanium flat irons to limit risk of hair damage. We have found that tourmaline coated flat irons make for better flat irons and help keep hair straight and with less damage better than those irons not coated with tourmaline.

Chi Air Ca1080 Chi Air Pro Expert Classic Flat Iron Review

Side by Side Comparison

Titanium Iron

Ceramic Iron

Heat Settings

Heats up much faster and up to 450°

Slower heating but has more settings up to 450°

Heat Distribution

Can have cold and hot spots

Very even and covers hair well


Better durability than ceramic fewer chips

More prone to chipping need to handle with care

How it Treats Hair

Can be hard and damage hair if not careful

Better for those with damage or easily damaged hair


On the higher end for most well build irons

Wide Range but quality irons in mid range pricing

Best Ceramic Flat Irons

If you have already made the decision between a ceramic or titanium flat iron and have picked a ceramic iron, we highly recommend the RUSK Engineering Heat Freak Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Straight Iron for most hair types.

Here we’ve collected information about the top 5 ceramic flat irons currently on the market. We have attempted to provide at least once selection for each type of hair (thin and fine, normal or medium, and thick and curly.)

RUSK Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Straight Iron
This ceramic and tourmaline straightener is top of the class but not going to kill the piggy bank. The iron is tourmaline infused which smooth trips through your hair no more snags or tangles. It’s plates come in 1 inch wide, and 1-1/2 inches has a slender wand making it easy to grip and hold.

GHD Classic Styler Ceramic Hair Straightener
GHD is one of the most respected brands in hair tools, and this flat iron is one of the best on the market. It is easily one of the most advanced irons available outside of the professional hairstyling world. While it does not offer adjustable temperature settings, it balances out nicely between 347-365 degrees F, making it perfect for normal to thick hair. It also offers a sleep mode that will automatically turn the iron off if it hasn’t been used for 30 minutes. Additionally, it’s ideal for international travel, because it is one of the few irons that will not be damaged by local voltage.

Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron
If you’re looking for a little variety in your hair styling tools, you’ve come to the right place. This fantastic little ceramic iron comes in 4 designer colors (pink, purple, red, and black) and offers some of the best results in the market. This iron, unlike some other models, can be used on damp hair as well as dry!

Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Pro Flat Iron
This iron offers slightly larger plates that some of the others listed above. The 1.5” plates are perfect for longer or thicker hair. The ceramic and tourmaline plates provide an ultra smooth surface for straightening your hair, preventing it from snagging or tearing. 

Cricket Centrix Ceramic Flat Iron
This little 1” flat iron is perfect for women with thin or fine hair. While it can heat up to 400 degrees F, it has variable temperature controls, making it perfect for all hair types. The ceramic plates in this iron are ‘floating’ which means they move easily with the movement of your hair and your iron.

Ceramic Benefits 

It is a preference on which flat iron is best for you when deciding between a ceramic or titanium flat iron. It would be unfair however to write an article on which is best and not give our recommendation. It is our recommendation that if you don't have thick hair that rarely gets damaged, a ceramic flat iron will will more than do the job for you.

Ceramic Irons last longer due to their durability as long as you avoid chips and are less likely to develop hot and cold spots. They also are less likely to damage hair since they are slower to heat and require fewer comb throughs to straighten or curl hair.

Best Titanium Flat Irons

Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium-

Considered one of the best in the industry, the BaByliss Pro features Nano titanium plates that work on getting into your hair and making it looks shiny and smooth in seconds. It uses negative ion technology allows the BaBylissPro to get up to 450 degrees, giving your hair all the heat it needs. 

CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic

CHI PRO G2 Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron-

If you’re a fan of CHI, you won’t be disappointed by the G2 digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat iron. The titanium plates are smooth to prevent tugging and pulling of the hair. The G2 has a number of styles and colors to choose from but you’ll find a digital display in every model. 

RUSK Engineering CTC Technology

Rusk Professional Titanium Str8 Iron-

Professionally made and able to withstand lots of heat, it also features titanium plates that leave your hair looking stunning. The negative ion technology neutralizes the positive ions in the hair, leaving one’s hair shiny in seconds. Also, the heat can go up to 450 degrees allowing you to style your hair in no time.

Croc Classic Nano-Titanium

Croc Classic Nano Titanium Flat Iron-

The Croc Classic Nano Titanium flat iron offers premium features of sterilization, something you won’t find in other flat irons. The Croc also uses infrared technology to protect your hair against any damage. This combination makes the Classic Nano faster and efficient compared to other flat irons in the market.

If you are looking for a titanium hair straightener, any of the above options will create silky smooth, long-lasting and sleek hair with minimal damage. Titanium flat irons are versatile, unique and reasonably priced. With their ability to handle any hair together with the negative ion technology, you can be guaranteed of rocking the best-styled hair. Be on the lookout for fake titanium flat irons as they just don’t work. Buy from reputable sellers to ensure that you get a quality product that can last for years.

Titanium Benefits

Professional grade –Titanium flat iron manufacturers make their flat irons with the highest standards in mind. This means that you can get a titanium flat iron that will last you for a long time. While these flat irons may be costly at the beginning, you’ll be glad you made an investment in years to come.

Time-saving – You no longer have to wait for a few minutes to get started with your flat iron. Titanium flat irons heat up right away, allowing you to save time.

Enjoy high heats – Some flat irons are limited in terms of how much you can heat them. With a titanium flat iron, you can enjoy high temperatures without worrying about damaging your hair.

Negative ion technology – If you have curly and frizzy hair that won’t budge, a titanium flat iron will neutralize all that in a few minutes. The technology neutralizes positive ions in your hair, leaving you with a straight, smooth finish. You’re also able to use less heat and get the same results without damaging your hair.

Titanium flat irons often cost more than ordinary flat irons, but given their durability, you are rest assured that your initial investment is going to pay off for many years to come.

Which is it Ceramic or Titanium Flat Iron?

You really cannot go wrong if you get a quality ceramic or titanium flat iron. We tend to lean towards ceramic flat irons as they are less likely to damage hair and tend to be smoother to use. Add tourmaline into the equation, and the stylings are limitless with less hair damage.