ghd Professional Review

With ceramic heaters and aluminum plates, the ghd Professional Original flat iron is one of the best flat irons on the market, even for those who have little experience with flat irons and still want a professional result.


ghd Professional

The ghd Professional Original 1-Inch Styler is equipped with aluminum plates and ceramic heaters for advanced heat conduction and static-free hair, as well as ions to seal the hair shaft.

The gold aluminum plates help to discharge any static electricity, while the black casing is rounded like a curling iron, designed to make it easy to not only straighten the hair, curving it either towards or away from the face, but also curl and wave the hair—though you can opt for making the hair perfectly pin straight if that is the style you desire.

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The good

This ghd Professional Original flat iron is widely considered to be one of the best flat irons available. Especially if you have frizzy hair, this is the perfect product for you. It wipes away frizz with a single pass down the hair. The heat settings are perfect for most hair types, enabling you to perfect any style in less than half an hour.

Some women have to first straighten the hair and then use another styling implement to create perfect ringlet curls. Instead, this styler allows you to straighten and curl with the same device, at the same time, all without statically charging or damaging the hair.

The bad

You may be put off by the aluminum plates, as most premier flat irons have ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium plates. With these plates, you may find, at the higher temperatures, that your hair does not become sleek and straight, but rather does get a kind of crisp quality, especially when it is used without a heat protectant. This flat iron is also a little more difficult to get the hang of than other flat irons, partially because of the plate material.

Our verdict

The ability to straighten, curl, flip, and wave your hair all with one device is very attractive, especially if you are looking for your first flat iron.

While this flat iron does do what it claims to do, allowing you to create many different styles, all in a short amount of time, and the slim design does allow you to get in close to your head from many different angles, it may not be the best unit if you have very thick or course hair, as it may do more damage than good.

If you have finer, frizzy hair, however, this is definitely a model you should consider, as this is the area of hair styling where it seems to excel.

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