H2Pro Allegro Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

H2Pro Allegro Professional Ceramic Flat Iron Review

A good flat iron is one of the most powerful tool’s in a woman’s beauty supply kit, but not many people want to spend $100+ on the most well known professional brands. Luckily several new companies have come on the scene with a range of high quality flat irons that cost less than $50. The H2Pro Allegro Professional Ceramic Flat Iron is one of these, providing an impressive range of features and a high level of durability for the low price of $35-40 depending on where you buy it.

Why ceramic?

Before you go out and buy a flat iron you should know about the different types of plates. Ceramic plates take longer to heat up than titanium plates, which are the other most popular option, but they tend to heat up more evenly and the heat stays longer. The H2Pro uses a ptfc heater to speed up the heating time, putting it on par with some titanium plated flat irons.

Why H2Pro?

The H2Pro is a powerful ceramic flat iron with a fixed temperature of 410F, ideal for coarse or curly hair. Its ceramic plates are treated with tourmaline to help speed up the heating process and avoid snagging on your hair. This combination of materials also helps maximize shine and minimize frizz.

A 1 ¾ inch plate size allows you to take larger handfuls, speeding up the styling process and ensuring a smoother job with each grab.

Who will love the H2Pro?

If you have long, thick hair you will absolutely love the H2Pro, especially if your hair is also too curly or coarse for other affordable flat irons. The more time you usually spend straightening your hair, the more time this flat iron can save you.

Unfortunately the H2Pro stays affordable by sacrificing a few features that are really important to some people, such as an adjustable temperature setting. The 410F temperature is also too high for anyone with fine hair. If you have short hair you may also find it difficult to use this flat iron because of the unusually large size. This size can make it difficult to curl your hair and style it in certain ways as well, so make sure you only buy this flat iron if you really just need to straighten your hair.


The H2Pro is a durable flat iron with high quality plates that also happens to be quite affordable. If you want to save some time straightening your hair and you don’t care about any of the high tech features more professional models come with, the H2Pro is an excellent deal.