Ovente GF6 Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron

Ovente GF6 Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron

Are you looking for a great flat iron? Want something that looks adorable and comes with high tech features to make your hair perfect all the time? The Ovente GF6 Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron might just be what you’re looking for.

Before we get into the Ovente GF6, let’s talk about why so many women love ceramic flat irons:

Ceramic was the first material used to create flat iron plates thanks to its relatively low cost, high durability and ability to conduct heat evenly and relatively quickly. In the last several years titanium has become an incredibly popular material for flat iron plates because it heats up much more quickly, but ceramic plates tend to heat up more evenly and stay heated longer.

Why the Ovente GF6?

The Ovente GF6 Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron really is one of a kind. It comes with a PTC “instant heater” that allows the iron to heat up almost as quickly as a titanium flat iron in the same price range. The plates also use ionic technology to prevent the buildup of static and frizz.

With adjustable temperatures between 212F and 410F the Ovente GF6 is great for producing any style in every hair type. The 1″ plates are even great for curling your hair.

Now for the unique part: the Ovente GF6 is also an MP3 player. It comes with 2G of memory and its own built in speaker, as well as a USB cord you can use to transfer music directly from your computer. This allows you to take your favorite tunes with you and play them while you straighten your hair, no matter where you are.

Oh, and it happens to be hot pink, so you’ll never lose this wonderful flat iron.

Who will love the Ovente GF6?

Certain flat irons are really only good for specific hair types but pretty much anyone who uses a flat iron will love the Ovente GF6. Some people with extremely coarse hair may find the maximum temperature a little bit too low. If you have very long or thick hair you may also want to invest in a flat iron with wider plates(some come with plates as large as 1 ¾ inches).

Real music fanatics might not like the speaker as much, but it’s powerful enough for most people to enjoy the sound.


The Ovente GF6 may sound like a cool novelty concept and that’s because it is, but this flat iron is much more. In fact, many people are surprised when they see just how effective this hair straightener is—especially because it offers all of this functionality for only $84.99. You may even be able to find this fantastic flat iron for as low as $29.99 if you catch an Amazon sale.