Remington S9500 Pearl Pro

Designed for both home and salon use, this flat iron is perfect for beginners and for those looking for an advanced, professional system that can tackle even the coarsest, curliest hair.

Remington is one of the most widely recognized and highly-reviewed styling tool companies in the world, and for good reason. This Remington S9500 Pearl Pro straightener is equipped with ceramic plates that are infused not just with ions, but with pearls, to make them super smooth and produce a wet heat that is great for hair.

Remington s9500 Pearl Pro

The Remington S9500 comes in two different sizes, the 1-inch, which is perfect for short and thin hair, as well as a 2-inch, which is better for very thick or very long hair. (Update: the previous version of this flat iron was available in two sizes: 1 and 2 inch. The newest is currently only available in 1 inch.)

The plates are infused with pearls, which make them much smoother than typical ceramic plates, so that hair not only glides through without a snag, but also straightens hair more effectively.

Both sizes come online in black, with a thin handle area for easier grip and maneuverability.

The temperatures, which range up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, are adjusted by a plus and minus system, alongside the power button. The actual temperature read out is digital, and is on the top of the handle in both models.

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The good

The ceramic plates, infused with crushed pearls, really are smoother than those in any other ceramic flat iron on the market. This makes this model very attractive for those who have experience snagging on other models.

The heat is also very easy to adjust and stays consistent, even as you straighten your hair. It also heats up in just under fifteen seconds, which is the fastest on the market. In general, most sections of hair will only require one pass for healthy, glossy, perfected hair.

The bad

This unit does seem to have some trouble staying up to heat, especially on the higher end of the temperature spectrum. This may be a deal breaker for you, if you have very long or very thick hair, as it may not stay hot enough to style your hair.

There have also been some reports that the plates do not clamp well unless you use both hands to hold them closed, which can increase the amount of work it takes to style your hair.

While the 1-inch model does have a rounded body, perfect for creating curls and waves, the larger 2-inch model is completely flat and does not offer that same ability.

Our verdict

If you are looking for a flat iron that will not snag your hair while producing soft, shiny, perfectly styled hair, this is the model for you. At high heats, it may be more difficult to keep it at a consistent temperature, especially on cold hair, but if you are willing to wait a few seconds for it to regain its heat, you will be rewards with smooth, silky hair.

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