Review Paul Mitchell Flat Iron Range


There are dozens of flat iron models out there and the truth is what works is different for every woman who uses a flat iron. Expensive doesn’t always mean high quality—but it does when you’re talking about Paul Mitchell.

You might not find Paul Mitchell products on many top 10 lists but these flat irons still should not be overlooked. There’s a good chance you’ll even like them better than flat irons provided by the more commonly mentioned names like BaByliss.

Paul Mitchell is best known for producing gorgeous limited edition runs of stylish, high quality flat irons but they also have a couple of mass produced models. If you need a quality flat iron right now or just don’t care about limited editions, check out one of these two:

  1. Paul Mitchell Protocols Express Ion Smooth

This simple flat iron features 1.25″ cushioned ceramic plates that are beveled at the edges to avoid catching on your hair. Controlling the temperature is easy and special technology enables this flat iron to go all the way up to its max temperature setting(410F) within 60 seconds.

If you have long, thick hair you will love how quickly this flat iron not only heats up but smooths your hair. The little bit of extra width goes a long way towards allowing you to make bigger, smoother passes with every grab. All in all, this is a phenomenal product loved by women with all but the coarsest hair.

  1. Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

Featuring titanium plates with beveled edges to avoid snags, the Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth heats up in even less time than the Protocols Express. 1.25″ plates enable you to make large grabs, speeding up the straightening process for anyone with long hair.

Adjustable temperature controls make it easy to choose the right heat for your hair and SmartSense features provide quick heat recovery. You’ll also love the customizable auto-shutoff time, especially if you’re the forgetful type.

The Neuro Smooth is perfect for extremely coarse hair types and anyone who loves titanium flat irons but needs an upgrade.

While there are many limited edition Paul Mitchell flat irons in a variety of colors they all use the same technology behind these two flat irons. If you’re looking for a professional quality flat iron that will dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend on your hair each day Paul Mitchell is definitely the right brand for you.