Use ballerina bun to look professional

As we all know we use different hair styles in order to look sexier and more beautiful. And there are a lot of ways to do that depending on your hair type, hair color, facial characteristics and your overall style.

Look professional in a bunBut there are some times when you need to use your hair in order to look more professional and gain respect. These occasions can be an interview a meeting with a client or just another day in the office for someone with a good position.

A great way to do this is to make a bun, and when I am talking about a bun I don’t mean a messy bun but I am talking about a sleek ballerina bun.

Some days ago we got emailed by a blog reader Ahsan, a young college professor from India, that wanted to talk about hair styling and asked from us some advice, as we were talking at some point I asked her what is hair daily hair style and she replied that it is a ballerina bun .

The truth is that I wasn’t expecting an answer like that as none of our readers I regularly talk to has told me that uses daily a bun and especially a ballerina bun.

So completely naturally I asked her “but why to make a ballerina bun daily?”

And she replied “I am a young college professor that every day interact with young students and also male professors and in order to make them to look towards me as a professor and not as their friend or potential girlfriend, I had to use a hairstyle that will make me look more professional”

She also added that almost 90% of her female colleagues had the same hairstyle.
So after we finished the conversation I decided to make blog post about an easy and quick way to make a ballerina bun in order to help all young professionals and not only that want to use this hairstyle daily.

How to make a ballerina bun

  1. First you need to brush your hair thoroughly and make sure that all tangles are removed and your hair is smooth. You can help this process by misting your hair with some water.
  2. When your hair is smooth enough brush your hair to a ponytail. Because the ballerina bun is formed near the top of the head make sure to brush the ponytail there.
  3. After your hair is completely smooth and brushed to a ponytail use a ponytail wrap and wrap your hair firmly. It is really important to make sure that is not loose and doesn’t allow any slippage of hair.
  4. And now is the last and most critical part of this process you need to create the bun. In order to do so wrap your hair in a spiral around the base of your ponytail tuck the ends of your hair below the spiral and secure them with bobby pins, just make sure that your hair is not twisted rope style.
  5. When you are done apply some hairspray and use your fingers in order to smooth any strands. You are done

We hope that we have helped all our hard working readers to achieve a professional look really quick and easy.